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Creation of wage opportunity for a large number of tribal producers of silk cocoons, women yarn makers, weavers and other small producers, artisans and service providers in the handloom textiles value chain through a sustainable and fair business model.


Eco Tasar through a very conscious strategy endeavours to use handmade yarn on handlooms to create its products. This process ensures that a significant % of its top-line goes as wages for small home-based producers in the value chain many of whom reside in smaller towns and villages.

We believe that continued growth in volumes will increase rural producers’ employment opportunities, enabling many to resist migration and poverty.

Consciously creating demand for the products made through obsolete and uncompetitive processes used by poor artisans helps a generation of artisans get a steady predictable income and invest in the next generation.

A tribal sericulturist family

Eco Tasar by specializing in wild silks like Tussah and Eri generates enough business to buy the annual output of 1125 such sericulturists ensuring that over USD 0.25 million gets pumped into the rural economy

Silk yarn making

Eco Tasar provides raw material to women in villages and they spin and reel silk yarn for it on a piece-rate basis. Over 800 women’s annual output is procured by Ecotasar guaranteeing them a cash income right there at their doorstep. This helps many to avoid seasonal migration in search of wage opportunities.

Handloom weaving

Due to erosion in their competitiveness stemming from very low productivity, handloom weavers are a vanishing lot. Unfortunately, a very large number of people still depend on this vocation in our country.  By leveraging design and innovative sales and marketing tactics, Ecotasar is able to provide work to over 100 handloom weavers on a continuous basis.


We provide full and part-time wage opportunities to over 2000 people and 90% of them are based in small towns and villages.

Over 1000 women in the supply chain earning predictable cash income.

Availability of cash income in the village ensures avoidance of seasonal migration, which profoundly impacts the education continuity of the children of such families. 

100 meters


tasar silk fabric


130 person-days of wage opportunity in its value chain when made with hand spun yarn on handlooms

Weave a Hope

By buying our products, you are ensuring an inclusive world that takes care of communities otherwise handicapped by their lack of capital/ability to invest,  contemporary skills and access to markets.

Hand-loomed fabrics may not be technically the best available but it scores high on the pro-poor factor and humaneness.

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